The Socality community is full of adventurers, explorers and story tellers. This is why we partnered with Black Anchor to bring you this hand crafted backpack. This bag is 100% crafted, designed and made in America by leather maker Stephen Jones. Every detail from the leather straps, waxed canvas material, zips and clasps have been designed and tailored for the lifestyle of both the urban and outdoor explorers. This structured bag is created to age with you as the waxed canvas will reflect the marks and tracks of your journey. 



Made in America

11" (W) 15.5" (H) 5" (D)

  • English bridle leather
  • 24oz twill canvas
  • Solid brass hardware
  • Military grade webbing
  • Ykk zippers 
  • Industrial rivets
  • Front pocket
  • Two side pockets

Free Shipping in USA, Canada $25


Tell us who you are. where you live and what life is like there?
My name is Stephen Jones, and I own Black Anchor Workshop. I live in Tacoma, WA. The summers are beautiful and the rest of the year is rugged, just like our products.

Tell us about Black Anchor. When did it start and what do you make?
Black Anchor actually started on a C17 over Pakistan. My crew and I were flying the Secretary of Defense into Afghanistan and the tech team (Vipers) set up wifi for the Secretary to use for conference calls while on the plane. I was in the cockpit watching videos and one stuck out to me. It was a guy who left his day job to make canvas bags. I decided I wanted to do the same. When I got home I bought a second-hand sewing machine from the Army and started making random pieces. People started buying them, and here I am today. We now make waxed canvas and leather goods. We focus on bags and accessories, such as bracelets and wallets.

Where did your passion for creating and making these products come from?
My passion for creating came from God, first and foremost. My brother is a designer, and I was always inspired by his ability to find the problems with any given design and come up with complex yet simple answers to solve them. My recent passion for product design has come from life. I have had the opportunity to work with some amazing people and companies and it keeps me going. I want to build something great that will help others with their day to day problems.

In designing the Socality Backpack, what details are in this product?
The Socality backpack has a lot of simple details that I pride myself on. I focused on the top flap having the right amount of flap for the design aesthetic without making the throat difficult to get items in and out of. I also had to think about the size of the front pocket, which effects the size of the side pockets since they are lined across the bag to give it a beautiful finished look. The bottom is protected with a hidden piece of leather that also gives the bag necessary form and added strength. I wanted to utilize the least amount of leather accents so the overall silhouette of the bag was not dirtied. We used a single piece of leather for the top closure that is riveted just at the end of the throat for extra reinforcement on the turnover. The straps are leather for strength, but padded with a cotton webbing for comfort. The hardware is solid brass that resists corrosion as well as adds strength.

Tell us about the materials used?
The materials in this bag are the best of the best. Waxed canvas, solid brass, and english bridle leather from a premier American tannery. The materials of this bag will whisper stories of american heritage. 

How is the bag functional for everyday life?
The backpack has a lot of nooks and crannies that make the every day carry that much more enjoyable. Two side pockets, an exterior zip pocket and a large main compartment allow for ease of access while keeping your personals protected.

What are the things you love to do? What inspires you?
I love a lot of things. Namely traveling and experiencing community in the places that I visit. Because I love to travel I love bags and travel accessories that make my life easier. I get inspiration from all over. Blogs, the streets, building architecture, interior design. You name it, it probably feeds my inner designer.

When making products, what are the 3 things you focus on?
When I make products I focus on one thing and one thing only. Simplicity. I cut out the garbage and keep the necessary. When I keep my mind on that idea of simple I am able to solve very complex problems with less complex solutions. Is it the simplicity of the design? Materials? Shape? Sourcing? The thought process can be complex, but at the very bottom of it all, it's extremely simple with no extra frills. It is the essence of the product being produced that we maintain. Nothing else.

What do you value in life?
I value a lot about life, but mostly community. My God, my wife, my family, and my friends are who I live for. It's easier to live for living things rather than material items.