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We are looking for business and orgs or desire to help bring these experiences to life. Click the button below to learn more about sponsoring a Socality Community Event.

Events & Leaders FAQ

What is a Socality Community Event?

These are experiences designed to connect you to your local community and Community Leader. Each event is creatively expressed as an Excursion, Community Dinner or Creative Showcase. These events are hosted by Socality Community Leaders who have our DNA and heart. Usually these events are free, but sometimes there can be optional costs for attendees (coffee, snacks, parking). Make sure to check your local events details for more.

What is a Socality Community Leader?

Socality Community Leaders are individuals in our community who lead events and gatherings on a volunteer basis. They are people who represent our DNA, community and values and are committed to helping you get connected in your local areas.

Can I host a Socality Community Event?

Community is such an important part of our organization and we want to ensure that these days are safe and represent us! For this reason, these days are only led by our Socality Community Leaders. As we grow, we will be adding more leaders and community events!

Are Socality hosted Community Events the only way for me to meet others?

We have created these community events as a great way for people to gather and connect! However, we know that people are always looking to meet others, learn about local events and build new relationships. Our Facebook Groups are a great way to engage in your local community, get some friends together, and begin to meet others. Check them out here.

How do I become a Socality Community Leader?

The Leadership Team of Socality has identified individuals who’ve established themselves in local areas to become Community Leaders. But there is currently no formalized process. However we are always looking for more leaders! The best way to become a leader is to be active in your local community. This starts by attending a Socality event, engaging with others, and getting familiar with our core values and DNA. We are all about relationship!

If this is something you are interested in, we’d love to chat more