June Project: Neighbor

Photo for Facebook to announce your project. Download image and use.

Photo for Facebook to announce your project. Download image and use.

For the month of June, we want to answer the question, “who is my neighbour?”. In our global and increasingly connected world, we’re constantly being challenged to truly SEE the people around us. To see their needs, their hopes, their dreams. To understand what it truly means to “love your neighbour as yourself”. We’ve been inspired by the story of James Barnett and his organization “Clothe Your Neighbor as Yourself” who decided to act on the needs he’d seen in the world around him both locally and abroad. You can learn about James’ amazing story here.

Here are a few ways you can get involved this month:

1. Clothe Your Neighbor as Yourself (CYNY) - We wanted to share the story of CYNY this month because they are a great example of seeing a need and choosing to do something about it. 100% of all profits from each order go to clothing those in need, and we’ve come together to offer a great hat in two colorways that do just that. If you love what they’re doing, pick up a product and share their story.

2. Stories - Who’s your neighbor? Share a story or image answering that question. It might be people that live near you, co-workers, or local shops and business. Highlight or share the story, and join the conversation. What does it really mean to be a neighbor to someone? Use the #socalityneighborproject tag to follow along. 

3. Serve - Identify a need. Mother Teresa said, “do small things with great love”. Is there a way you can be a help to someone in your neighborhood, big or small? What do the non-profit organizations in your area need most? What about the family down the street? What about your classmates or co-workers? Your school, church, or workplace? What do you see? What need can you and the community around you meet? 

Photo for Instagram to announce your project. On Mobile hold down on photo and click "Save Image."

Photo for Instagram to announce your project. On Mobile hold down on photo and click "Save Image."


What ARE Socality Community Projects?

Socality Community Projects are designed to gather communities locally and rally people around a monthly theme. The idea is to mobilize people with everyday interests and create a project that will bring social change in your local communities. Big or small, the size of your project is up to you! 

1. Connect 

Connect with others through #socality, your local socality hashtags (i.e. #socalitynewyork, #socalitypdx), or with your friends, family and community.

2. Create

Look at the needs of the community around you and create a project based on this month's theme that meets that need. Nothing is too big or too small, as long as it makes a difference in the life of someone else. Your project may be something as simple as a random act of kindness, or as big as the creation of an ongoing event, social enterprise, or the support of an initiative in your local community. Make it fun, and be creative.

Don't be afraid to engage your local community to get on board with your idea. Feel free to get businesses, your church, or local organizations involved if you decide to go big! 

3. Curate

The last step is to share it!

  1. Instagram, Twitter and Facebook: using the monthly hashtag (i.e. #socalityfoodproject) so others can be inspired by what your community is doing.
  2. With Socality: through a form provided on our website under "Community Projects". This will allow us to showcase numerous projects throughout the month, creating a space where we can all be inspired to use our daily lives and creativity to change our worlds.

Your outcome can be a written story, photos with descriptions of what happened, or even a short film telling the story. 

Socality Community Projects is about your creative expression while gathering and building local community right where you live. As communities around the world participate, we can join your story with all the others taking place globally!

The movement is here. The movement is love. This is Socality!