1. Go for Dinner- Grab friends or family and go to you favorite restaurant and celebrate food and each other. Take the amount of your bill, double that and as a group donate that to Hungerfree. It can be a big dinner party, a coffee or a small picnic at the park. (Another excuse for Chipotle or Chick-fil-a!) Nothing is too big or too small!
  2. Host a Dinner- Gather people in your home, plan a picnic or throw a party. As the host, you will plan your gathering and encourage people that attend to make a donation towards the meal and HungerFree. Take this opportunity to put your unique touch on your dinner. Whether it be a carefully decorated dinner party or a simple picnic in the park. It’s all about celebrating food and community so feel free to do what you love the most! Hosts are responsible to collect all money and then donate to Hungerfree via the www.hungerfree/socality.


Click ‘I want to host a dinner’ and fill out the form so we can place it on our site and let others know if they can join and participate. This will also help us follow up and share stories from your gatherings.

Post- Post your pictures of your food creations and your community with #socalityhungerfree which we can then share with the greater community.


Inspire others organizations, businesses, restaurants, churches and individuals to participate by having a meal, joining a gathering or making a donation. Together, we can help create a Hunger free world!


When your funds are collected via your dinner or party you can give your donation via Paypal or Credit Card to or give below. This page will have our own link for those who through our community participated. This will allow us to track all that has been given through our community and we can share it with you at the end of the campaign.