Baton Rouge, LA | Nov 2014 Project

by: Abigail Gallagher

I was praying about what to do for this month's community project & this is what the Lord put on my heart!

My sister Liz (@liz_gallagher) and I had the opportunity to help a failing local restaurant back in January of this year. We were design assistants for a show that came to town to help remodel & fix up the restaurant. Through that experience, we got to hangout with the owner & employees. The owner was a little rough around the edges, never smiling and not much of a personable guy. After the show, Liz and I didn't really stay in touch with the restaurant. However, we knew the Lord gave us that opportunity for a much greater cause. It's amazing how the Lord has His hand in all the details of our lives!

For the Socality Community Project, we invited friends to come out a Tuesday night in November to support this guy's business! It was a night full of fun, food, and community! Our heart for this was to build community with old friends & new and meet the need of this local establishment by blessing him with a wonderful night of business! We wanted him to look back at the night and truly feel loved! Could not have planned out a better way of doing it! The Lord opened up doors of sharing the Gospel with the owner and we were able to show him genuine, authentic, care!