Calgary, AB | Nov 14 Project

by: Scott Bakken

Calgary hosted a night that gave back to the YWCA and highlighted different organizations within the city that support and aid our community in the area of food. Cafe Rosso opened their doors and provided the venue and staff as their gift to us. Through the night, our community gathered over food to learn how can give back to the needs in our community.

We hosted The Calgary Food Bank, Meals on Wheels, Calgary Eats and Cups who all presented to our community on the needs in our city. Here are some stats

  • 42% of those who access the food bank are children
  • The food bank can hold 1 million pounds of food
  • Meals on Wheels has 6 programs that assist ANYONE who is in need of food
  • There are 150 community gardens in Calgary

Through our gathering we were able to support the YWCA via ticket sales and also build relationships with the above organizations. It opened our eyes to hear and learn about the needs in our city and find out how we can support the ongoing mission.