Chicago, Il | Nov 14 Project

by: Perry Fish

Homelessness is an epidemic that unfortunately effects many communities. Chicago is no exception. Everyday I pass people on the street who are either asking for money or food, just to make it through even one more day. When the November Community Project of Food was announced, I knew there was something we could do to fulfill the need of those who go to sleep hungry every night, on the streets of Chicago.

On Sunday, November 23 a collection of my coworkers and friends came together to create 30 packed meals to distribute to those in need. The eight of us walked up and down Michigan Ave. and State St. in downtown Chicago and gifted a meal of a sandwich, bottled water, fruit, and granola bar to anyone who said yes when we asked.

It was extremely rainy for being November in Chicago, but as our shoes filled up with water, our hearts filled with joy, even as they were breaking for each soul we met that night.