Cochabamba, Bolivia | Nov 14 Project

by: Yanina Dueri

A platform for those who make things with love.

Some of my friends recently requested I shoot a session for their store called "Hoy Hay" (Today There Is, in Spanish). This store will sell home-made and natural goods. What I love most about it is that it will gather all the small producers across Bolivia, who put much effort and love into elaborating their products. It's a platform that will allow everyone to find out about these awesome producers and farmers, and of course, their stories. It's about community and it's about creating something worth sharing, giving equal chances to all those who have something great to offer. They recently opened their Facebook page, and will open the store by mid-December, which will also become a space for artists, photographers and writers to expose their work.

The focus I had was to reveal the process through which things are made. In some of the photographs, you see a woman preparing and baking delicious pies and pastries, which is the reason behind "Hoy Hay". Those who are passionate about what they do are capable of creating incredible things, and that which is hand-made and prepared at home has such a distinctive trait: love. Baking and preparing meals for loved ones ought to be one of the greatest expressions of love and service. Sharing a meal with those you love is such a unique phenomenon; not only does it satisfy a physical and natural need, instead it prompts community. It tightens bonds and great ideas and projects started.