Seattle, WA | Nov 14 Project

from Andrew Stoner

When trying to create connection, there is something incredibly powerful about gathering folks around a table and sharing a meal. Something I’ve noticed here in Seattle is that people are eager to connect; yet the means for connection is sometimes limited. This is where I saw an opportunity with our first Socality Community Project. On November 29 we had roughly 25 folks from all different parts of the greater Seattle area come together to break bread, with the purpose of connecting with one another while also giving back to the community. We met at Burdick Brewery – a space one of my friends allowed me to transform for our gathering – and spent a good couple of hours getting know one another while diving into a smorgasbord of delectable goodies that many hands worked hard to create.

For our give back portion we partnered with Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission, an organization here in Seattle whose purpose is to serve, rescue and transform those in greatest need through Jesus Christ. The Mission recently launched “Build-A-Box,” a program where individuals can collect specific food items to fill up boxes that will be given out to feed a families of 4 for a week. As a group we participated in this and collectively raised enough food to feed 15 families for a week! We couldn’t have done it without the help of the generous folks at #paid, as we were missing a few key items for the boxes that they agreed to sponsor.

Many individuals have reached out to me since the project and thanked me for the opportunity to connect with people they never would have met otherwise, and also for the opportunity to serve in their local community. The day was definitely something I won’t be forgetting soon. It was an absolutely incredible experience seeing individuals from all over come together to meet one another, and meet a need at the same time!