Siloam Springs, AR | Nov 2014 Project

by: Staci Landis

Building community and creating a community of servants begins by example. We live in a "physical" community that has little to no knowledge or understanding of Socality. Yet, we knew that we just needed to take the first step and go from there.

I, (Staci), met with the operations manager at an organization in our community called the Manna Center. They help feed and clothe people in and around Siloam Springs, Arkansas. (It's amazing!)

We wanted to do something that was not only hands on and practical, but that would be beneficial. We made arrangements to volunteer one morning with our children to help with whatever they needed help with that day.

The day we went, they had begun handing out food/meal boxes for the Thanksgiving season. We unpacked boxes of donated food, organized shelves and canned goods, and restock food areas. We also helped organize a variety of hygiene supplies for those in need. The other volunteers were so grateful for us coming in and organizing the storage area so they could focus on filling the food boxes. It was awesome to see our children engaged and working so diligently to help those in need.

Our volunteering at the Manna Center didn't begin and will not end with this food project. We will be joining their volunteer schedule to continue getting to know, love and serve our community.

A few other opportunities that have come from this service project:

  1. We are part of a homeschooling community and we will be helping organize service projects for the homeschooling families to participate in.
  2. We also will be teaming up with the Northwest Arkansas Food Bank (which helps feed over 700,000 people each year!) in the near future to work on some food drives with them.

As Socality Community Leaders, we want to encourage each and every one of you not to just participate in these monthly community projects for one day, but to find places in your community where you can establish relationships and partnerships to continue serving and helping! Find joy in being a servant and know that one group, one family, and even one person CAN make a difference!