Hide & Seek

by: Jody Johnston

When I was little my favorite game to play was hide and seek. Actually it still is, especially in public places. Anyway, it was my favorite because I was good at it. I could fit in those hiding spots where people wouldn’t even think to look. In my early days of playing hide and seek, if I wasn’t found I would get tired of waiting and just come on out. Sometimes I would make funny sounds to try and be found after what seemed like an eternity of waiting, but as I played more and more I developed a love for being unfound. 

In the game of hide and seek there are two perspectives, the hider and the seeker. As Christians we have the opportunity to find joy in both perspectives in our relationship with Jesus. We have the opportunity to hide away from distractions, troubles, and fears to seek God and in return be known and found in Him! In Psalm 32 David proclaims the greatness of being known and found in our hiding places by God. David declares that the Lord is his “hiding place” and how God surrounded him with “joyful shouts of deliverance”. This fills me with so much joy! I am laughing and smiling from ear to ear with the thought of this interaction with God. Just as children exclaim with joyful shouts when the seeker finds the hider in a game of hide and seek, so God wants to surround you with His joy when you hide away to be found and known by Him!


What I love most about playing “hide and seek” in my relationship with Jesus is that God has promised us that we will always find him. In 2 Chronicles, God responds to one of Solomon’s prayers by saying “and if my people, who are called by my name humble themselves, Pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven”.

We have God’s promise for Him to be found! For many followers of Christ, this “hiding and seeking” concept might sound a lot like something they have heard of called a “quiet time”. Well if I may refer again to Psalm 32 where David proclaimed how God surrounded him with “joyful shouts of deliverance,” that doesn’t sound very quiet to me. Later in verse 11 David even says “shout for joy”! If you remember, I said that I used to only be able to stay in my hiding spot for a few minutes until I would come out, or make funny sounds to be found. Well my love for hiding and seeking has not stopped growing. The more I hide and seek, the more intimate my relationship grows with Jesus, and the more intimate I get with him the easier it gets to live more like Him.

I encourage you, Hide and Seek! Get away from the world, and seek Him. Then, come back here and share what God is doing in your heart!