Started from the Bottom

by: Samuel Laws


Genesis tells a story of a man named Joseph who was the youngest of many brothers. He was his father’s favorite and this was made clear when he was given a beautiful coat of many colors. One day Joseph had a dream that he came to rule over his brothers. Most would probably keep that to themselves, but Joseph did not. After Joseph told them, they sold him into slavery. Years later, Joseph, who started from the bottom… had risen to the top and become one of the most powerful people in all of Egypt. He reported directly to Pharaoh and no one else. Meanwhile a great famine was sweeping throughout the land and it caused his father to send his brothers to ask Pharaoh for help. Little did they know they were asking for help from the brother they had betrayed.

As you can imagine this was an intense situation. We would expect Joseph to be bitter towards them. Maybe even take this opportunity to teach them a lesson or take revenge. Who would blame him? But instead, full of love, he helped them. And when the moment finally came to reveal who he was, he said:

“Don’t be upset with yourselves, it was God who brought me here to preserve your lives.” Genesis 45:5

The last thing Joseph’s brothers wanted was their brother to rule over them. They were full of envy and it led them to do something really hurtful. The irony of the situation is that the reason for Joseph’s rise in power was so that he might save their lives.

The truth is, we have all been hurt and offended. None of us leave this world unscarred, but what we do in those defining moments of injustice determine the kind of people we become. How will you be defined? Even when it’s not easy, will you be known as a person who chooses love?