The Art of Community and Coffee

by: Scott Bakken

Dapper & Wise offers a creative, craftsman perspective on suburban coffee, located just on the outskirts of Portland, Oregon. We tirelessly pay attention to every detail from green to cup, striving to offer the best quality coffee, artisan-roasted in small batches. In our brick and mortar store we invite the palates of suburban-folk and city-dwellers alike, to be educated in high-class coffee.

D & W will be at Socality Live and we caught up with the team to learn more about coffee and how it goes hand in hand with community. 

Q. How did you start Dapper and Wise?

A. After starting a series of successful neighborhood coffee shops, we realized that we wanted a more active role in the coffee we were preparing. We wanted to see that journey from farm to cup and have our fingerprints on the beans as much as possible. During the initial educational process we realized that in addition to being passionate about the art of roasting, we’re actually pretty good at it! So with the funds we’d been saving from the cafes we purchased the roasting equipment and hand-crafted our facility, jumping in with both feet believing that “whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might.”

Q. What is the proper way to drink/ experience coffee?

A. With an open mind…and a mug.

But seriously, because coffee is such a complex food, it can handle nearly unlimited precision and refinement. It’s deep and dynamic. These aspects allow us to experiment and explore the many different flavors in coffee thru a variety of extraction procedures. However, the beauty in coffee is that it can be approachable to any level of interest. We encourage our patrons to walk with us in our development of better coffee drinking.

Q.What are 3 things the average person should know about coffee?

A. Coffee is a Seasonal Fruit. Just like your favorite apples, there are distinct times of the year that certain origins of coffees really shine.

Little changes go a long way. Minor adjustments in cultivation, roasting or brewing (and everything in-between) can have a major quality impact, negatively or positively on what’s in your mug.

Coffee can be the basis for relationship of all forms. Connection can be built with growers, co-ops, roasters, baristas, customers and friends over this product that is so much more than a beverage.

Q. Explain the space you have designed at Dapper and Wise? What inspired it!

We like to think that our cafes are created to be the “living room” of our communities and our roasting facility/tasting room is the “study” where we incorporate education, nerdiness, purist’s forum and friendliness for knowledge seekers. The style of the space has been noted as a bit “steampunk” with elements of raw wood, metals and repurposed vintage accents.

Q. What will you be serving at Socality Live? Explain this style of coffee?

We will be featuring our coffees using the Kalita Wave Dripper, a pour-over method used by the Brewer’s Cup champion of 2013. In shorter terms, it’s an excellent, concise, sweet brew, highlighting the distinct tasting notes of the chosen bean. You’ll also find some clever concoctions of coffee sodas using our own reduction syrup infused with various inspired flavors.

Q. How does coffee and community go together?

Coffee is much more than a drink. It’s a means of conversation, a mode of connection and to quote a dear friend: “It is a beverage of community, made to share and consume between laughter, tears, life stories and small talk.”




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