You screwed up, now what?

by: Samuel Laws

5 things to do after a big mistake.

Throughout the Bible we see people who were broken and screwed up. King David slept with another man’s wife, got her pregnant and his best problem solving skills led to having her husband murdered. This very person was referred to as being a man after God’s own heart! Here are a few things to consider after making your own big mistake, because let’s be real, we all do.

1. Relax. It’s not the end of the world. People spend their whole lives beating themselves up over the mistakes they've made. The same tape plays over and over in their head. It tells them they're a failure, a screw up, and it’s only a matter of time before they repeat the same mistake. Instead, be kind to yourself. Brennan Manning once said,

“God expects much more failure out of us than we do out of ourselves.”

God hasn’t given up on you, in fact this is an opportunity for you to experience his grace in a new way. It may just mark a time in your life where your relationship with Him goes to a significantly deeper level.

2. Get your mojo back. Our tendency after making a big mistake is to feel really bad, then try to minimize it and maybe even repeat it. Don’t do it. Talk about it with a close friend that you trust, and surround yourself with people who love you in spite of your mistakes. The ones who won’t define you by them and, maybe more importantly, won’t let you define yourself by them.

3. Find the silver lining. The Bible says God “works all things for the good of those who love him.” ALL THINGS. In every mistake there is something good God wants to do. There is nothing He cannot redeem and when you can see the thing He is doing, what the enemy intended for your harm is literally being deflected and turned into a force for good.  

4. Ask why. You know you’re forgiven, you’re feeling better, but why did you do it? If you don’t know why, chances are it’s going to come back to bite you. Don’t let your positive emotion keep you from doing the soul searching it takes to change and become better. We’ve got to get to the root of our problems if we want to live healthy and free lives.

5. Don’t let a big mistake become a big problem. Growing up my dad had a saying, “Stomp serpents while still small.” His point was if you let a problem grow and grow it’s going to be a lot harder to deal with. Next thing you know you’ve got some snakes on your plane like a bad Samuel L. Jackson movie. There is no better time to deal with our issues, than now.