Authentic Love

by: Stephen Alkire

"... We love because he first loved us ..." 1 John 4:19

Once we can get past the need to repay God or do enough good deeds to feel like He's pleased with us, we can truly serve, love and live a life full of God's original intent. Live a love relationship with our God. Loving Jesus would come more naturally then feel like a chore.

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Yes, we owe God our lives because he gave his Son for us. The Lord always deserves to be praised! He triumphed over death, He defeated everything we couldn't, just for us! But I believe God wants to us to change our perspective. He wants us to genuinely live to love Him. Not because it's our duty, but because we actually, really, love, Jesus! God wants our hearts in the same way you'd give your spouse your heart. It's a real love, not a chore.

We can't repay God and we have to get passed that. What he's done and is still doing in our lives is too great for us to ever repay. The great thing about Jesus is that he didn't die for us to have us feel like we owe Him something. He died to save us. To love us so we could love Him. It wouldn't be grace, or true love if it were so.

So let's get passed this chore that we call a relationship. For our own sake, let's love people, have compassion on them, tithe, give to the poor, help your neighbor, love your enemy, forgive people who have wronged you for years. Let's do it all, just because of love. Love is calling, won't you accept? 

Jesus help me get passed my natural mind, help me think like you. I accept Your love today! Even though we cannot see You, we see Your blessing and Your love everyday. And I pray others will see You through me and how I act. I acknowledge that there's nothing I can do to repay Your ultimate sacrifice of  Your Son Jesus. I simply accept You and want a love relationship with You. I see Your pursuit of me and today decide to pursue You with all that I have. In Your holy name I pray, amen! Thank you Jesus.