Invest in People

by: Catherine Wilson

Name: Catherine Wilson (@catherinew)

Location: Houston, TX USA

I'm Catherine. I'm twenty years old and a student at Christ for the Nations Institute in Dallas, TX where I am studying worship and tech arts and getting ministry training. I grew up in San Antonio, TX and was homeschooled from beginning to end! 

I am so super blessed by all the gifts God has blessed me with and I do my best to utilize them all to the best of my abilities and for His glory always! I've led worship for about four years now. I love to sketch and paint. I'm a natural light photographer in "training" you could say. I've been getting more and more serious about it recently and am actually building my website as I type this right now.

I love investing in people!!

Even if I am having a horrible day, to be able to make someone smile and literally be Jesus for someone is a top priority every single day!

Instagram has become a great tool The Lord has used for me to step out of my comfort zone and meet people that I can uplift and be uplifted by. And also to have the opportunity to make friends for a lifetime and to connect with my brothers and sisters in Christ which I probably wouldn't of otherwise. 

Coming from a not so stable background, this community has really made me feel so much love and support. I have continued to blossom in my passions and in my relationship with Jesus! And to think this one app has initiated all of that! 

I could ramble on forever. But thanks for listening!


You can follow Catherine's adventures and see more of her work on Instagram and her upcoming website!