Did Our Hearts Not Burn Within Us?

by: Carter Moore

“And they said to one another, ‘Did not our heart burn within us while He talked with us on the road and while He opened the Scriptures to us?’” Luke 24:32

I’m not sure about you, but often I have times where I don’t feel close to the Lord. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Lord with all my heart, but quietly, moments creep up and I feel as if all passion & desire to really seek after Him has left my veins. I hate it, but so easily I become content with being apathetic in my pursuit of Him.

There was one particular time where I was really on the downhill of a “Jesus High” (you know, those moments where you don’t think you could ever experience more of Jesus) and I saw all of my friends around me who were living such passion filled lives. I mean I’m talking about spending hours a week in prayer, fasting, reading tons of scripture, the whole enchilada! I wanted that. I used to have it.  It wasn’t until I was sitting in service one night and my pastor was talking about how passion begets passion. That even the desire to be passionate signifies passion.  He then went on to read through Luke 24 and then I realized what was missing from my life. There were two key components I realized I had left to the wayside as he read Luke 24:32.

  1. Did our heart not burn within us while He talked with us… I knew that I hadn’t said as much as one word to God in weeks other than shallowly praying for my ramen noodles (I was super broke & an intern at the time). I hadn’t spent time with the King of Kings. I knew that part of my lack of passion had a huge part to do with that I wasn’t spending any time just talking and communing with my Abba. He so desires relationship with us & I wasn’t even trying to spend time with him. That had to change.
  2. While He talked with us on the road and while He opened the Scriptures to us…The other key component that I was missing (and this goes hand in hand with the first) was that I didn’t spend any time in the scriptures. I forgot that the best way to know God’s voice & understand what He is speaking is to read His very word. I forgot His promises in my life because I chose not to open the scriptures. It’s just like any other relationship, if you don’t hear someone’s voice for a long time it can be easy to forget what it sounds like. The scripture's the key to keeping the furnace of passion alive in our hearts.

It’s easy to forget that being a Christian is not a short-term thing. So many people start and are incredibly passionate at the beginning, but very few endure to the end. I firmly believe that passion is key to endurance, especially when it comes to our faith.  It doesn’t matter how we start the race, because anyone can start; it matters how we finish. My prayer for us as believers is that we would be passionate from start to finish and to sustain that passion, or as Luke says, the burning within our hearts, we need these two key factors. To be passionate we need to spend time with God daily and have that relationship be as alive as any of our other relationships. Equally, we need to spend time in God’s word. Scriptures states that man does not live off of bread alone, but on every word that come’s out of the mouth of God.