"I Was a Hopeless Wreck"

by: Corey Pruitt

Name: Corey Pruitt (@coreypruitt)

Location: Nashville, TN, USA

Corey Pruitt is based in Nashville, TN. Corey considers himself a bit of a nerd who loves to rock it out on the guitar! Passionate about worship music and helping people love Jesus, Corey is also an entrepreneur. He is currently working hard developing a creative media company in Nashville.

When we spoke to Corey, this is what he had to say.

My passion is creativity that forces people to change for the better. I say "creativity" in a broad sense because God is constantly revealing new and ever-changing mediums to convey the good news of His Son Jesus. So far, Instagram has allowed me to connect and share a glimpse of that message with more people than I could ever have imagined. I love meeting, encouraging, and most of all, learning from new people.

I was blessed to be brought up in a Christian home that values the local church. I was a part of an amazing youth group that valued tight-knit community and discipleship. It was there that I learned about the gospel of Jesus Christ and devoted my entire life to serving Him. But before that, I was a wreck. (Granted, I'm still a wreck.) But then, I was a hopeless wreck. I was no closer to getting myself together than the day I was born. All I wanted was to do what was good, but I didn't realize that I had nothing good in me. Jesus commands us to give up that life before we can take on a new one. I had to take up a cross and kill my old selfish life as He had already done. It was then that Jesus brought me new life; I no longer just cared for myself. So far, that's the biggest lesson I have learned: I'm not the most important thing in my life. I still continue to realize that constantly worrying and looking out for myself is almost always destructive to the people and things that matter most in my life. The only way I can better myself is by serving Christ and loving and investing in other people.

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