by: Adaeze Azubuike

Name: Adaeze Azubuike (@adaezemusic)

Location: Colorado, USA

What up, Socality Community?! My name's Adaeze. (Pronounced “uh-daisy”… like a flower) I'm a 27-year-old singer/songwriter currently living and exploring in the beautiful state of Colorado. Colorado feels more like home than anywhere else I've lived, which is saying a lot, considering how many places I've called home in the past. I was born in London, England, along with my three older brothers, and grew up in Tulsa, Oklahoma. My parents both strongly believed in Proverbs 22:6, which says "Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he grows up, he will not depart from it." Ever since I can remember, my mom and daddy imparted God's Word into mine and my brothers' lives, and I'm so thankful for that. It allowed me to fall in love with Jesus from a very young age.

After my family moved around a bit in my teen years, I graduated high school in Lexington, Kentucky, and received a Division 1 scholarship to play basketball at East Tennessee State University. I'd played basketball my whole life; it runs in my family. However, when I hit college level, it really became a full-time job, and I let it take over my life. It had become #1 for me over my relationship with Jesus. So after being humbled by the Lord in His various creative ways of helping me see that I'd let this happen in my life, I walked away from the game. One of the best decisions I've ever made! I finally had more time for my first love and passion, after Christ, that had been overshadowed by basketball–music. I finished undergrad in Lexington, Kentucky, and meanwhile independently released my debut album, Eternity, and then moved out here to Denver, Colorado. God had already brought two of my older brothers here years before, and every time I visited, it just felt right ... like I should be here ... that I belonged in Colorado. Now that I've lived here for some time, I feel that if there's a state God made just for me, it's Colorado. I love everything about this place.

Not long after moving here, I attended grad school for a year in Boston, Massachusetts, at Berklee College of Music. It was such an awesome experience! To me, it's so exciting to be in a completely new place, living alone and not knowing anyone yet, on the brink of a new adventure. Also, it was such a great time of growth in my walk with the Lord, as it was really just me and Him. God will definitely teach you a lot about yourself!

That's a big part of why I love where I live. Colorado always presents me with fresh adventures and wonderful places to explore right here at home. The creative community here is awesome, as I've  learned recently. I'm all about community. I love collaborating with other creatives, and I made it a goal to do my part in bringing the Colorado Instagram community together this year. So I made an Instagram account called @ColoradoInstagram and put on our first instameet in February. It was a success (our instameet was featured on @Instagram's main page), and we're already planning the next one for March! God is so good, and He truly does His part when we do ours.

Some random facts about me? At least one variation of aqua/turquoise/teal can be found in almost everything I own. Among many other things, I love snowboarding, making photo art and antlers. I'm happiest playing guitar, or exploring and adventuring, preferably with great people. Chances are, we're already friends who just haven't met yet. In my opinion, having the honor of helping lead praise and worship for people is one of the most beautiful privileges ever, and I'm blessed that I get to do this every Sunday. After all, we'll be worshipping our Creator for all eternity in heaven! I love my Boston Red Sox (World Champs, baby!) and my Denver Broncos (almost Super Bowl Champs baby! ;)).

One of the most important lessons I've re-learned lately is to be completely content and fulfilled in Jesus, before anything else. While working on my next album, this has become such a great truth to come back to.

I'm so incredibly stoked to be a part of this Socality community. God's gonna do such amazing things through it and already has! Thanks for taking some time to get to know me. Hope I get to do the same with you some day!

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