Conquering Fear: Songwriting

by: Seth Flood

“There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear…” 1 John 4:18

How many of you, often times, find God calling you to do something that you don’t feel capable of?  It could be something massive like making a major life decision that will alter the course of your life forever.  Or it could be something seemingly minute like praying for someone hurt or downcast.  And in these situations, how many of you, more often than not, find yourself shrinking away from these callings because you are fearful of the outcome?  Or should I say, the lack thereof?

This is one of the greatest struggles I find myself in.  To be honest, it has been something that the Lord has been dealing with me very strongly as of late.  I see the giftings that God has given me.  Occasionally, I’ll get a glimpse of some of the powerful plans he has for my life.  He gives me dreams of mighty acts I will do (through his power of course) for the kingdom.  I will awaken and think, That’s amazing!  Thank you Lord!  And then, almost instantly, fear starts to creep in and I despair…  What if I step out and nothing happens?  What if I pray healing over this person and they never recover?  What if I play this new worship tune for people and they all hate it and say I should give up on music altogether?  What if this…  What if that…

All of these “what ifs” begin to weigh such a burden on us that it paralyzes us from moving forward in the Lord's plan he has for our lives.  Then, we wake up years later still dealing with the same exact fears of failure, having made no progress whatsoever.


In a recent divulgence of my fears, someone very close to me reminded me of the scripture in 1 John at the top of this post.  (This is where you should scroll back up and read it again because it is really powerful.)  She went on to say that “the kingdom of God is full of risk.  It’s His pleasure to see us take a risk because we honor him in the risk taking.”  

When I began to draw near to the Lord and meditate on this scripture, I was incredibly encouraged as He showed me that, in His love, there is no failure.  That “his love never fails.”  What we now see as a risk, we will look back and notice that the Lord was with us the entire time, so what were we fearful of?

By now you are saying, HEY! This is a worship/songwriting post, get to the point already!  So here is the point I want to make…

I believe that, in our modern world, one of the biggest ways that the LORD encourages and edifies his church is through music and song. He uses songwriters to convey His heart and Word. This task can seem overwhelming. And, often times, most writer’s songs have never been sung in their church simply because they are too fearful to show them to someone. The Lord is speaking through you and is speaking through me in the songs that he puts in our hearts. Don’t be fearful of singing a song the Lord has given you! Sometimes, the songs he has given us, are exactly the words that someone hurting or broken need to hear! So I encourage you, draw near to the Lord, hold onto His love, and sing the songs the Lord has placed within you, realizing that it is HE working through us for the completion of his kingdom.

And, remember, He never fails.

Father, we thank you for the love that never fails.  The love that casts out fear.  And LORD, we surrender all reservations we have that might hinder us from pushing forward in your work.  We open our hearts to you and allow your Holy Spirit to move in us and through us.  Encourage us daily and give us words for your church.  In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Our God & King

Music & Lyrics by Seth Flood

Thank you for reading… until next time.  SF