Keeping Quiet: Inside India

by: Rishabh Malik


Name: Rishabh Malik (@rishabh_malik04)

Location: New Delhi, India

Tell us a little about yourself. Where are you from and what are you studying?

My name is Rishabh Malik and I live in New Delhi, India. I am currently pursuing Chartered Accountancy from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. I am extremely fond of music and wish to live life just travelling the world. I have come to realise that the true meaning of happiness is in the everyday moments of life, in the small things that truly matter. I believe that there is much more to life than the superficial magnetism of the world we now live in and I constantly try to make as many people see what I see, my dream of a world with no boundaries, where we are truly united as one, in love and compassion.

Can you explain life in India?

I have come to see life in India as I have come to see everywhere in the world. It seems to me that people today only care about earning money, in order to be able to give themselves a higher standard of living. This escapes my primitive (that's what I like to call it) understanding of life. There is so much wrong in this world that just keeps growing and it hurts me inexplicably to see how lost we truly are. Life seems to be just about working to earn more, to earn yourself a house, to give yourself a bigger car, to be able to afford the best education for your children, and for some, life is merely about keeping rags atop their shoulders.

How did you discover Socality?

Socality has been extremely active on Instagram, capturing people's minds with its message of love. It was one of the people who I follow who had posted about Socality and I was instantly drawn to it. I wanted to enquire more as to what it was and hence I stumbled upon Socality's profile. 

What is your inspiration or motivation behind taking photos?

As I mentioned earlier, for me Instagram is like meditation. I click only to Instagram for the purpose to reach out to as many people as I can to share with them my views on life, love and humanity. I am motivated by my need to try and help the world find the right direction in life and to help those who are lost. I learn from people, from their experiences and I try to incorporate the best in them into myself. I am inspired to grow as a person, to be a better man. I want to share with people the true beauty of nature to help them realize the true meaning of happiness and so my inspiration and motivation is everything around me, for there is beauty in everything. 

What was it that drew you to Socality?

Socality's message of uniting and binding people through the message of love captivated me. I saw how driven people are to create a community for all, bound in the message of compassion, and it instantly struck me as something I would have hated not to be a part of. I found myself surrendered to Socality's message of love and compassion and to its simple motive of creating better human beings.

What is the spiritual climate in India?

People in India are extremely religious. I have used the word religious instead of spiritual for a purpose. It seems to me that a large number of people pray to God only to satisfy their personal needs. It has become more like bribing the Gods with offerings rather than them being devotees from their hearts in innocence and simplicity. On the other hand, however, there are a large number of people who truly are extremely spiritual. I would rather say that people today are lost and they need to be shown the right direction.

What does the word "love" mean to you?

There is a poem by Pablo Neruda called "Keeping Quiet" that changed my definition of love and humanity. For me, love is finding happiness in yourself through finding happiness in another. I have seen a dream, of a world without borders, without wars and without sufferings and I know that achieving my dream is only a faith away, that we can be better human beings. I would say then, that we have found love. 

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