To The Bride of Christ

by: Greg Denie

Name: Greg Denie

Location: Calgary, AB, Canada

Greg lives in Calgary, AB with his beautiful wife Chantel. Together they run a hip-hop dance and spoken word poetry crew that travels all over the world going into schools challenging students to believe in their potential! This gives Greg many opportunities to share his poetry and speak truth into students lives. Greg's passion for the gospel has always been evident in his preaching and poetry as he strives to present the truth with boldness and clarity! 

Watch his viral spoken word entitled To the Bride of Christ below

Greg's heart behind To the Bride of Christ

"The Bride of Christ came out of a deep sadness of seeing so many people walking away from the church. Not from their faith, or Jesus, but from the church! In my own walk with Christ I have realized how essential the body of Christ is in the life of the believer. The church has a deep responsibility to sharpen, encourage and build up the body of Christ, at it's core it is called to be the hands and feet of Christ. I wanted people to understand that we all have such a limited scope on what the church truly is, we put our own expectations and experiences ahead of the Holy Spirit. Instead of growing together in love and hope, we choose to whine and complain about how the church doesn't meet "our needs." What a brutal way to look at church, as if we were at the center of it all, we say things like, well I don't like the pastor, or the worship doesn't fit my style. Is that really the basis for why we engage in church? The church is made up of broken people, people with a limited scope on the eternal. To me the Bride of Christ was about calling a generation to realize the potential of the us, the church, coming together as the hands and feet of Christ to bear witness to the power of his life and love. We are the church, we are the bride of Christ!"

You can check more of Greg's stuff out Big thanks to Media Mountain for their work on the film and to Ian Locke for the soundtrack!