Today Versus Tomorrow

by: Ian Andrew Nelson

We’re a generation that wants instant results. We’re all about life in the fast lane. How many of you enjoy waiting in lines or getting stuck in traffic? How about when your wifi is wigging out on your phone, and so your tweet isn’t posting or that page isn’t loading? Do you enjoy that?

Yeah, I didn’t think so. And it’s not just internet or cars. It’s all of life. We want to achieve our dreams today, get where we’re headed by like, yesterday. Good or bad, that’s one of the effects of growing up in the technological age in which we live, in a culture (or cultures) constantly preaching to us the message: “You can do anything if you put your mind to it, whenever you want. You just have to believe in yourself!”


But what happens when everything isn’t falling into place? When your ideal timeline gets thrown out the window, when obstacles get in the way that slow you down or impede your sense of forward momentum in life? And what happens when your dreams feel so far away that they don’t even seem like they can ever become real? I just want to remind you of some simple words that Jesus once said:

“He who is faithful in a very little thing, is faithful also in much.” Luke 16:10

Sometimes we take our current situation, the little things that are in front of us, and hold it up to our bigger dreams, and think that all this stuff right in front of us is so insignificant and we can just start to get discouraged. If that’s what you’ve been doing in any way, then hear me out: stop. Your current situation and the “little things” in front of you are, in fact, God’s way of preparing you for the greater work ahead. It’s His way of testing you to see if you’re even in all of this for the right reasons or not, and His way of teaching you crucial things about yourself and showing you ways that you need to grow in order to truly handle what’s ahead.

And most of the time, the little things that have been put in front of us in life right now are actually the very steps (maybe the only steps) that can lead to where we actually want to end up (whether we can see it right now or not). It’s just a matter of changing your perspective, choosing to trust God with your future and giving your heart fully to being faithful today unto Jesus in all that is currently in front of you.


Every bit as important as getting where you’re going in life is being faithful where you’re at. Don’t get your eyes stuck on tomorrow so much that you miss out on the opportunities of today. Remember that life is a process. Dreams don’t happen over night. You can’t microwave success. But you can choose to be faithful in the situation you’re in today and trust that as you’re faithful with the little you have now, God will be faithful to provide the right opportunities in His perfect timing as you continue one day at a time to patiently and joyfully follow Him with all that you are.

What areas of your life do you need to be faithful in right now? And in what areas do you need to start trusting God with in regards to your future?