Agape Love

by: David Krstevski

The real inspiration behind this video was to tackle the topic of "true" love. Too often as individuals we go about life looking for satisfaction, looking to succeed and looking to find love. WE get stuck in this self-created reality where we compare our lives to those of others and try to do things on our own and all we ever feel is alone. We look to fill a void within us with temporary things that don't last. We are broken and empty and it is only God's "AGAPE LOVE" that can make us whole. And that is real love. God has made you, He loves you and He has a purpose for you.


David Krstevski, a senior Broadcasting Major at Evangel University and future seminary student professes that he's just a random dude who let God into his life. As a gifted communicator David looks to encourage and motivate others to reach their true potential any chance he gets. Having a heart for people David has teamed up with Shining Light Ministries ( for his humanitarian efforts. With a desire to inspire and encourage others David also produces spoken word videos. To see more visit his page. For speaking engagements: Click Here