Socality Update

by: Scott Bakken

It's hard to believe that we only launched Socality over two months ago ... and what a two months it's been. We had no idea that when we started that we would have the response we've had! Socality is truly a collective of people from across the world who are connecting globally and impacting locally. It's incredible to see how the community is developing and growing organically. We've always said that YOU are the movement. Socality really takes form when YOU take action.

Since our launch, I get the same two questions; what is Socality and how can I get involved? My response is always the same. You are the movement! In other words, Socality looks like you.

Socality is who you are in your




sphere of influence

It is how you choose to BE love right where you are

and how you bring others into your world.

You can get involved by just doing what you are doing!! In addition, there are practical ways to get involved such as using the hashtag which allows you to find others and they can find you. Once you do this, you can engage with others and discover people in your community. One thing we have encouraged is to use a location specific hahstag, which will help build local community where you are. #socalitycalgary. Another way to get involved is to contribute content that we can use to inspire people across our digital platforms: photos, video, text, stories. While we have a core group of contributors, Socality is a platform for YOU to be showcased! Send us an email with your story or other content to

Personally, I have received so many incredible emails over the last two months and be assured that if you haven't received a response that your stories are being heard and they are so encouraging.

I wanted to share a few highlights that have really brought incredible encouragement to our team!

Pritika emailed us when we launched and asked if she needed to be a Christian to belong in the community because she wasn’t but wanted a place to grow. We responded and let her know that all were welcome! A month later, I emailed to ask her how she was and what her experience had been like with Socality. She said,

“I am loving the Socality experience... coming across talented and creative souls who share similar tastes and those who give me a new perspective each day. The randomness lends an openness and warmth that is truly priceless.

I love the posts and journals on the website and especially loved the tweet on forgiveness. I am personally going through a very rough patch and some of those words are truly healing.

I might not be a Christian but the Psalms have a universal appeal.

So I am better than I was before Socality, because once you heal you start growing and I am happy to have taken my first step. The rest I leave on Him for in a way He lead me to you and your wonderful team."

Alexandra writes,

"I have been burying myself deeper away into the world and into feelings of emptiness and unworthiness. This small city is beautiful but the people are disconnected. I don’t think I’ve felt so lost and frustrated in all my life. I have been following Socality since it launched but it was only when I read your story that I got its true purpose. I can relate to everything you said…Your words have made me realize how far I’ve fallen off but it’s slowly helping me stand back up!"

These are just a few examples of the thousands of emails that have poured in! Besides this we are seeing churches, leaders, pastors and communities connect like never before! Socality transcends church walls and brings people out of isolation into real, authentic relationships--a true community gathering and connecting for purpose.

Socality is designed to unite people under one central cause; love! When people ask me if they can be involved, I say "I am signing you up”. It is going to take an army to impact our world both locally and globally. For this to happen, Socality HAS to be more than an Instagram account or a inspirational quote. It is you and me owning this, stepping off the sidelines and getting in the ring. That is the only way this will impact and come together! I pray as the vision continues to be rolled out that we can unite under a common purpose to build together and take on the very spirit of what Socality is all about!

Finally, let me encourage you that we are a community! When you signed up for emails it was so we could go on a journey together. In no way do we want to broadcast to you but rather inform you so we can move together. The strength of Socality is that we are a collective stepping forward as one! Socality is not built on the one but the many and the many finding the One. Together we are STRONG!

Let’s do this! You are the movement!


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