The Myth of Missing Out

by: Samuel Laws

Here are some ideas I've been thinking over recently. 

One of the great strengths of our generation is that we want everything this world has to offer, and we’re not leaving until we get it. This is a brilliant outlook on life that propels us to rush the borders of what has been. The world is different; technological evolutions have changed the lens through which we see. Our pioneer spirit is unwilling to be told what is possible. We must see for ourselves. It's exciting to think of all the breakthrough and innovation we will witness in our time for the good of humanity.

But our pioneer spirit has a few chinks in its armor. They challenge our potential, get in the way and try to stop us from doing what we were created to do. The good news is, these weaknesses can be identified and seen for what they are. If we can become aware of the thoughts and un-true beliefs that are distracting us from our potential, nothing will stop us from getting the best out of the valuable lives we have been given. Below is just one of the common thoughts that might be keeping you from what you really want.

We all know what it’s like to feel like we’re missing out. It’s not a fun feeling, and social media has only made it all the more common. Many will do whatever it takes to avoid this feeling. We’ll do things we would never have considered, spend money we don’t have, and knowingly put ourselves in bad situations. These moments present us with a challenge we will face over and over again. It’s a decision point to settle or live for something more.

Your time is one of the most valuable things you have. How you spend it is a good indicator of what tomorrow holds. This means you may have to make some short-term sacrifices. There could be some nights you need to pass on going out with friends to work on that project or develop that skill that’s going to take you places. Doing the things you were born to do requires an effort only you can give. Most of the time, missing out is a myth. Consider what more you might be missing out on when the spontaneous opportunity that challenges your long-term goals is presented. Don’t let a myth cause you to compromise who you are or give up on the things that matter most.