Today is New.

by: Jake Etheridge


Lamentations 3:22–23 says that God’s mercies are new everyday and His lovingkindness is endless. This is a good thing because I have screw ups every day. I'm not just imperfect; I am perfect at being imperfect. My sin has sins and secret motivations I don’t know about. No matter how hard I try, I will always fall short.

But (and buts are important if you read the Bible) we can know that God gives us new mercy every day. This isn’t a forced gift like when you go to a cousin’s birthday party and get them a Starbucks card, 'cause you don’t know what else to give. This is a joyous gift given from the giver of every good thing. He isn’t begrudgingly handing out mercy to people He loves; He is literally pouring out love on us. You can’t escape perfect love. You don’t measure up, but God pours down.

Today, know that you have made mistakes, even after accepting Jesus. And you will still sin. But God is greater than our sin; the perfect love of God is more powerful than our imperfect ability to follow Him. All you have to do is receive that love and forgiveness. God has forgiven you today, so forgive yourself.


Jake Etheridge (@thatjakedude) is a 20-year-old Mexican food lover from Fort Worth, Texas. He has lived in the same house his whole life, so he has to get creative to get out of his comfort zone. Writing is just one of the many things he loves, along with drinking unsafe amounts of coffee, Instagram, binge watching Netflix and getting to know people. Youth ministry is his passion.