Q&A with Leeland

by: Scott Bakken

We recently did an interview with the band Leeland. We asked them questions ranging from creative inspiration to social media. Check out the full interview below.

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1. Hey guys! Thanks for chatting with us here at Socality. Talk to us about your new album. What was the inspiration behind it?

Our new EP "Christ Be All Around Me" is a live worship album we did over two nights! We packed out Michael W. Smith's barn house with about 50 of our friends and just worshiped together.

Over the past few years since our last record "The Great Awakening" God has given us a new vision for ministry and new songs to sing as well! We believe our generation has and always will be, hungry for the reality of God's presence.

Our heart has always been to seek Jesus and pray that His presence will enter the room and begin to touch hearts and change lives!

Our band has had some changes in this new season but most of all I feel like were finally comfortable now in our own skin and excited now more than ever to be exactly who God has called us to be.

2. As artists, how do you fuel creativity within yourselves?

I think it's a combination of a lot of things really. For us probably, listening to a wide range of music, reading books, watching movies, tv shows, for me I love journaling, and the biggest two, prayer and reading the Word! God is the Author of Creativity:)

3. For all the aspiring songwriters out there, do you have any methods or formulas that you apply when writing a song?

One of the biggest tools that helped me so much with songwriting is the gift of "Co-writing". Find someone that has a desire for songwriting and just go for it together. It's an amazing sharpener. You both bring your best to the table and as you work on the idea your both improving the song together. I'm a huge fan of Co-writing, and I owe a lot of the things I've learned about songwriting from just watching other great songwriters write a song.

4. What makes a song work?

Lyric, and melody are the two obvious components. A great melody can do something to your heart when you listen to a song.

Then a great lyric can sometimes put into words what we've been trying to say for years that really moves you!

But to me there is a third dynamic. And that is prayer! In Deuteronomy it says that "The Lord set apart the Levites to carry the Ark of the Covenant, to stand before The Lord and minister to The Lord and to bless others in His name." The Levites were the musical tribe! God told me something that changed my life; "The primary purpose of music is to minister to the heart of God in the Secret Place. And the second purpose is that is blesses others in His name!"

So God is waiting for us in the secret place, to get alone with Him, get out our guitar, sit on our piano, or sing out loud to Him and begin to bless His heart!

Songs that come from that place are the songs that can change the world.

5. Who are the artists that inspire you?

Well I know each of us band guys have our favorite bands we listen to so I can only speak for myself on this one.

I've always loved "The Police" and "Coldplay" for their melodies, and their chord changes.

I really love Justin Jarvis! He's a worship leader from Florida and I love his latest EP "Through the Glass".

The "Lincoln" soundtrack by Jon Williams

And I will always love singing and discovering old hymns.

6. When it comes to worship music, what role do you see that taking place within our current culture?

I can for sure see it changing our culture because our culture here in America is very much musical. And I see the face of worship music changing to a more corporate involvement. I can also see worship music becoming an aid to the body of Christ in the great commission to GO into all the world and make disciples!

7. What is your take on Social Media in this day and age?

I think we've all seen the positives and pro's to social media and the effective role it can play in our generation and the Church.

I would love to see my perspective about it changed little, where I think of it less as a stage for myself and more of a platform to preach the gospel.

8. What can we expect from Leeland in 2014?

Well our heart is to do ministry! We'll be playing quite a bit this fall at churches, conferences, etc.

But in the Spring of 2015, were planning a ministry tour. With less of a focus on concerts and more of a focus on worship and ministering to the church! For upcoming dates click here

Thanks for chatting guys!!


For more about Leeland check out their website or follow them on Instagram @leelandoffcial.

Check out their latest EP "Christ Be All Around Me."