Don't Stop Connecting with Others

by: Scott Bakken

We caught up with Instagrammer, Keenan Clark. Keenan is passionate about using social media to share his faith and inspire others. Plus, he has some great tips on developing your social platform. 

 Keenan Clark is an active social media influencer using his platform to reach others. 

Keenan Clark is an active social media influencer using his platform to reach others. 


Q. Where do you live? Tell us a little about life there.

A. I currently live in Dallas, Texas but grew up in San Angelo, Texas. Life in Dallas is an adventure, from finding hidden taco stands and searching to see who makes the best vanilla latte to exploring rooftops and art exhibits, there is always something to be doing.

Q. How did you get into Instagram?

A. I got into Instagram about two years ago after seeing my friends posting pictures they took with really eye-catching edits to Facebook. I started my Instagram journey taking pictures of my Bologna sandwiches and report cards with an iPad, but would soon come to realize that there was so much more to be captured, seen, and imparted through this amazing app. 

Q. Give us one tip people can apply to their social media platform. 

A. BE PERSONABLE. Comment back to people (even if it’s just to say thank you). Answer questions people may have. Encourage people (wether that be about their photos or towards Jesus). Never get so “Insta-famous” that you stop connecting with people. 

Q. What inspires your posts?

A. The fact that what I have to say could drastically change someones life in one moment. I LOVE the photography aspect but to me, Instagram is about spreading the news that Jesus loves humanity far more than it is about posting a neat photo of a sunset with a nice VSCO preset. Taking the photo gives me a ticket to speak life. 

Q. Who inspires you and why?

A. As far as grammers go, I’ve been inspired by @caseymoore_. This guy has a heart for JESUS and an eye that turns everyday things into something to be treasured. He has helped me appreciate the world around me and the moments I inhabit. Another person who has inspired me is @griffinlamb. I fall in love with the creator all over again after seeing his creation through the eye of Griffin. Griffin’s landscape shots will blow your mind.

Never get too instafamous that you stop connecting with people.
— Keenan Clark

Q. Have you ever been made fun of for your faith and if so, how did you respond?

A. I have had people give me a hard time about my faith. In those moments I lean on the truth found in 1 Corinthains 13:7 that Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, and endures all things. I look at it as love does these things all the time. I just begin to ask the Lord to show them His love.

Q. What is something that young people need to know about social media right now?

A. Use every opportunity you get to be a leader and pioneer for Christ. No matter how big or small it may be to you, You have a platform so use it.

Q. Tell us about the project you have on the go at the moment!

A. Currently, I am working with a company called @createquestions. Through selling t- shirts that ultimately are made to create questions we desire to Reveal Purpose, Empower the Broken, and Create Community. 


You can follow Keenan @keenanclark_