Upcoming Instameets

You can check out some of our upcoming Socality Instameets that are coming up in January. There is no cost to attend! Bring friends and come hang out! We love to build community, take pics and get to know each other!

SEATTLE (#socalityseattle)

Saturday Jan 24th

Meet at Rattlesnake Lake at 8am for a sunrise hike. We will be planning to finish around 11:30am and then meet for lunch at 12:30pm at Triple XXX rootbeer. Wear comfortable shoes!  Bring some cash for your meal as we hang and get to know each other over some food.

In the evening we will be meeting at one of Socality community leaders homes for a community night to hang and connect. We will also be having worship and prayer and have folks available to pray with you. Details of this location will be given out at the meet. 

Contact Stef Krach for more details stefaniekrach@yahoo.com.

Hosted by @stef_Krach @andrewheartsbacon and @hannah.aspen.


CALIFORNIA (#instameetswithpurpose/ #socalitychangeproject)

Saturday Jan 24th

I'm happy to announce our 2nd official #instameetswithpurpose that my wife @amandaseeyoudarrr and I will be hosting! Grab some friends and let's snap some photos together, but even more so - let's enjoy some conversations and do good in the community.

As we are entering into the middle of winter, nights here are growing much colder. The purpose of this meet is to help gather blankets, new or old, for a local homeless shelter.  We are honored to be able to partner with the fantastic @giveperf on this meet, and if you bring a blanket - you will be entered to win one of their amazing products! If you can't bring one, just come and hang out! Let's meet and be friends! 

Please arrive at 1pm sharp, as the sun will be in a weird place early on since we'll be surrounded by hills. After we finish shooting, we will all head on over to @restorationroasters for some coffee! Their cause is amazing as well, as they employ the homeless, teaching them a trait they can use for years to come! 

Please share the post & tag all your friends who would be interested in joining us. Let's have fun, and together, let's make a difference in our community!

@socality #socalitychangeproject

For more info contact @samciurdar@me.com