The cross is big enough


My pastor told a story:

The worship service was a typical Sunday morning scene- all but for one woman.

One woman twisting and writhing provocatively at the front.  Alone. No one to stop her or tell her what it looked like she was doing.


Many members of the congregation wondered why the pastor let her carry on in this way when her actions were so clearly inappropriate. Desecration. Blasphemy. 

If only they knew.

The pastor explained that this woman had, in fact, been a stripper up until three weeks prior when Jesus had got ahold of her heart.  She ran towards His love and didn’t look back.

"This is all she knows, the only way she knows how to move- and she is dancing for Jesus, giving her love back to Him."

Understanding God’s love for us comes first.  Our actions, habits and hurts will change in light of that love.  This woman was recklessly pouring out this truth, spilling it all over the front of our typical Sunday morning scene.

Unconditional, extravagant and inclusive grace personified. 

The cross is plenty big enough to handle our stripping, our lies, our jealousy and our manipulation. The cross is big enough for a little too much skin or the smell of liquor on unwashed breath.  The cross is big enough for success driven lifestyles that trod on the meek and mild.  Whether your life is handed to you on a silver platter or whether the platter crushes you, the cross is big enough.  Whether you serve every Sunday or hate every Sunday sermon, the cross is big enough.  The cross is big enough for your desires and fears. Your sexuality. The cross is big enough for big dreams.  For invention and innovation. For tradition. Earth shattering redemption- His sacrifice is the ultimate work of Art. The cross is big enough.  

Who did Christ come for if it wasn’t women like her, like me? 

Photo by Matt Lowden @mattlowden