Dallas TX | Dec 14

by: Marcy Grace Metheny

The Gift of Little Moments

Isn't it funny how seemingly trivial moments often have the greatest impact in our lives? It's almost odd that such a big God would use the little things to bring about His Will, but He does, and I'm thankful for that. I believe in the goodness of God in the little moments, and this was my hope for the December Community Project.

When I was little, my babysitter baked cookies with me. I loved her because she went to such effort to know me, baking together was just one way for her to communicate that she valued me and wanted to spend time with me. Near Christmas, I packed a bag full of the general necessities (icing, cookie cutters, sprinkles, etc.) and went to spend an afternoon with two pint-sized humans. As we worked in the kitchen, a cloud of flour surrounding us, I hoped that they would remember this for years to come. Perhaps they would be reminded that all is not lost when the cookies don’t look like Christmas trees, but rather strange blobs. When they think back to that day, maybe they’ll remember that there is good in the things that don’t go their way. What if God uses those few moments to show them how He loves His children? Even while we were hard to work with, clumsy and prone to sending multi-color sprinkles around the kitchen, He still chose to work with us.

I am thankful for the chance the Gospel gives to love and be loved. This gift was small and the cookies didn’t last long, but it was never about the cookies, it was about the time. Our God meets us where we are. He pulls the step-stool to the countertop, ties the apron around us and says, “Here, I’ll show you.” Thank you, Jesus, for the gift of little moments.