Oklahoma City, OK | Dec 14

by: Bobbie McDaniel

 Photo by  @zebasher

Photo by @zebasher

There are two shops in Oklahoma City that bring so much joy to the community, especially during the holidays. It is common to find these stores open later, giving special mark-downs, and greeting you with a warm smile when you walk in to find your last minute gifts. Blue Seven and Shop Good have become the go-to Christmas stop for anything from local dealers to today's best known brands. For our Community project, we wanted to give back to the employees of these stores to say thank you for their long hours and hard work in making the shops such a fun experience. We gathered as a community on December 20th to make brunch, take photos, and then baked Christmas cookies for the employees of both stores. It was a small gesture, but we are so thankful for businesses like Blue Seven and Shop Good that make Oklahoma City the special place it is.