Sacramento, CA | Dec 14

by: Dinelia Smith

I've always had the passion to give back to the community, but never thought I was one to have a voice big enough to draw attention. I know I am created to give back and return the blessings I've been graced with so when Socality announced their community projects, it caught my attention, and tugged at my heart. I knew this was my chance to take that leap of faith, and go forth. I presented the idea to my roommate, Ruslana, who jumped on board, and with her support, I began brainstorming for Socality's December theme, gifts, with the idea of combining it with photography.

I immediately knew I wanted to find a way where our community could bless the the Sacramento foster system. I connected with the director of the children's home, expressing my interest in hosting a toy drive for Christmas, and then contacted my favorite coffee shop, Temple Coffee Roasters, asking if we could host an instameet there. After the details were confirmed we plastered instagram with the announcement of an Instameet with a cause. We invited all photographers to come out, bring a new unwrapped toy, and enjoy the day with us shooting around the city.

I can't begin to explain how great the turn out was. Over 50 people came out, and filled two large boxes of new toys. The idea of an instameet is great, but the true blessing is the children we impacted this Christmas. I'm truly humbled by the results of this project, the people who helped make this possible, and the fact that my community is one that can come together to give back. I have hope to see this giving nature grow in Sacramento, and for us to continue to make an impact on our community