Dec 2014 | Roundup

by: Scott Bakken

The December Community Project focused around the theme of 'Gift'. We encouraged people to plan projects all around the idea of gifts as it related to time, skill, impact and empowerment. We had also partnered with @we365 in their efforts to mobilize their community in these initiatives. A prize of $1000 would be awarded to someone who participated in the weekly challenges as set by @we365. We are happy to announce the winner of that prize is Hilary Doupe. Hilary has chosen to spread her donation across various charities. Congrats Hilary!

Many of our communities gathered friends and used their abilities and creativity to design projects that would give back to their local communities. In Calgary, we had a skating party and then brought gifts that we would donate to the local women's shelter for kids on Christmas. In Murrieta, CA we had an instameet and toy drive partnering with a local musician. And In Dallas, TX we had two communities come together to bless a single parent mom with the help of CYNY. The exciting things about the projects is they can be as big or small as you like, as long as it builds community and gives back!

Check out some of the other great projects below! Way to go Socality! You are awesome and unstoppable!