Adventure of Faith | Devotional Thoughts

by: Faith Amargo

The past few weeks have been challenging in my walk of faith. Not that God has ever wavered or given me reason to distrust His faithfulness, but I have allowed lies and external circumstances that were meant to test the integrity of my calling to dislodge my focus and cause me to buckle under the weight of my own fears and insecurities. Nevertheless, the Lord has been relentless to use truths in His Word and the beloved about me (and most certainly the Socality Journal devotionals) to remind me of the weight of God’s glory made known to us through Christ that makes light these momentary afflictions. Oh, the adventure of faith.

As we learn from looking into the life of Abraham and the undeserved grace given him by God in that epic promise in Genesis 12:1-3, there is hope in knowing that God’s promises aren’t conditioned on our faithfulness or successes. If this is so, then the boasting would be ours and not in God. Instead, the promises of God are initiated by Him, carried out through Him, and bestowed on His Son with whom we are co-heirs. My response now must be obedience to “leave that old country and move to a new country of grace.”

It’s humbling to know that as I grow in the grace and knowledge of Christ, these will always be truths that I need to relearn. God uses my ventures of faith to expose my own inadequacies, dismantle any tendency towards self-preservation when I’m called to die to self, and redirect my sufficiency to be solely sourced in Him. That’s why it’s such a comfort to know that followers of Christ have been given the Holy Spirit as a Helper to boldly walk in obedience.

 I love that our Helper is called the Spirit of Truth.

“We need this because we also have an enemy who is known as the prince of lies. If Satan hasn’t keep you from entering into a relationship with Jesus, his next goal is to keep you from fully experiencing the truth that keeps you free and fulfilling your God-given potential.”

That encouragement needs little to no commentary. It is so easy to be caught in the torrents of my own feelings channeled by the winds of my own fleshly opinions and expectations. Satan uses these hiccups in my venture of faith to doubt God’s sovereignty that sees the end of my journey to be glorious in Him. He will even stir up bitterness in my own heart to weigh my vessel down and compromise my seaworthiness. We must be rebuked and reminded, dear saint, that we were not redeemed to be victims, but victors in Christ.

O thanks be to God who gives me Himself as a Helper to come along me and dwell in me. Christ said that in this world you will have tribulation, but what joy is it to know that He has overcome and He will never abandon or forsake me? Unspeakable joy. This is His undeserved grace: He cares. In this adventure of faith, through flame and flood, He is still God, I am still His, and I can look forward to awaking in glory. This is every reason to press on.

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