The One: Experience Jesus Week Five

The One : Experience Jesus | The Father

“Know this: children are a gift from the Eternal; the fruit of the womb is His reward.” Psalm 127:3 The Voice

Forming a Godly self-image is a vital part of experiencing a healthy relationship with our Father in heaven. If we believe that we are “gifts” and “rewards” from Him, it reaffirms our identity and value in His eyes.

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It has been said that this is a fatherless generation, where many fathers have been absent figuratively or literally. This in turn has left many people feeling abandoned and in search of unconditional love. Whether we’ve experienced this ourselves or not, we can identify with sometimes feeling insecure or disappointed with our Father in Heaven. As we build this relationship that we have entered into, we may go through times of confusion, fear and discouragement. Along the way we learn that things aren’t always just going to work out exactly how we want. When things don’t go our way or according to our plan, we can tend to blame people and God. This can lead us to step back from speaking with Him, because we question His character and nature as a father.

photo by @lookitsevan

photo by @lookitsevan

One of the key weapons used by the enemy is to use lies to twist the connection between us and God that would otherwise bring life and freedom. That connection is primarily made up of prayer, conversation with your Father. If we perceive Him as angry, disappointed or absent, why would we want to speak with Him? We can also hold onto hurts from our past, questioning how God could have let it happen and then looking to our future with doubt or anxiety. We question his character, His love and promises over our lives. God never said that life would go our way all the time, that we would never feel pain or abandonment from relationships. But one thing we have to remember is that He is a good and responsible Father, who loves us more than we know. Some things in life we won’t ever understand, but one thing we can always anchor our hope in, is that He says that we are “gifts” and a “reward” and that’s the kind of Father we should come to and speak openly with.

photos by @lookitsevan


Q. What one character trait that you’ve experienced negatively through a father or someone in a position of authority do you sometimes associate with God the Father?

Q. What does the bible say about God’s true nature in the area where you may have a negative perspective? (Try to find a scripture such as Matthew 3:17 or Romans 8:1 which speaks the truth over your misconception)

Q. Do you believe that God listens to you and wants to move in your life? Do you struggle with guilt and condemnation if you don’t pray, read your Bible and therefore questions why God would listen to you?


This week schedule a “coffee with God”, just like you’d arrange time to meet a friend to speak with about life. Set some time aside to speak or journal about what area in your life you are thankful for, what misconceptions you might have about Him, and what scripture you should remember when that misconception tries to surface.

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