An Interview with Reed Robertson: From Darkness to Light

by: Scott Bakken

We recently interviewed Reed Robertson (@reed6robertson) from A&E's Duck Dynasty about community, creativity and life.  Make sure to check out the video interview as well provided by our friends I Am Second.

Tell us about about yourself and where you grew up?

I grew up in a semi-small town in the corner of Louisiana, called West Monroe. My family has always been extremely close. Being as big as it is, you would think it would be hard to maintain stability, but not at all. We’re all different in many ways but one thing bonds us all together and that is the love of Jesus Christ. A few years ago my family was approached with the opportunity of a lifetime. Although terrified about what it would entail and bring onto our closely knit family we decided to accept with the thought of effecting millions of lives in mind. Most people say “how did you guys get through that?” or “i bet that is horrible” but in reality, it drew us in closer as a family. The times we had and the memories we made when we were all together filming or on trips is irreplaceable.   

What are your main passions in life?

I absolutely love people. Talking with people, singing with people and for people, and taking photographs of people. Music is so close to my heart. Theres nothing like grabbing a guitar and sitting around a fire with a bunch of people you love and singing and playing for hours. I love getting a crazy idea and just going for it. Count me in for anything out of the ordinary. My best friends in the world are the guys that are just as big of adrenaline junkies as I am. 

Why do you think creativity matters?

What would the world be like without color, ideas, craziness and then all of that put together? I assure you that that isn’t a world that I would want to live in. I absolutely love when someone has an idea that they may be nervous about sharing, then goes for it and it turns out brilliant. There is nothing like branching out and showing how creative people in general can be. The human brain is a giant vault. We are programmed to express ourselves! To throw things out there and to take risks and to make life one giant art piece. Creativity, I would say, is one of the key components to life.

You shared about a tough season in your life in the featured video. Can you share a bit about that season?

About 4 years ago, i sunk into a hole I thought i couldn’t get out of. I felt alone and hopeless and angry. As my anger boiled, so did my attitude. My attitude towards life, my family, and my friends changed completely. I walked around in a daze thinking of what i could do to get attention and what I could do to make them feel like I was in control. These thoughts eventually evolved into thoughts of suicide. I wrote a letter, and decided this was what it took. Well, my youth minister at the time found the letter. He contacted my dad and that was the absolute worst part of the entire ordeal. The look in my dads eyes as he talked to me was unforgettable. Which leads into the next question.

What helped you overcome?

My dad told me something. He told me I’d been given a gift. I’d been given the gift of life and blessed beyond compare with an amazing family and friends and a place to call home. He told me that the most selfish thing a person could do was taking their own life because they couldn’t take it. Jesus gave His own life and went through days and hours of extremely brutal torture and beatings so that we could live. God gave his only son so that WE could have life and I was just going to end it because i felt alone?

What is your message to those who are feeling discouraged or isolated?

You are never alone. Never. Wherever you are in your “hole”, there will always be a way out. There will always be a hand that is reaching down to pull you right out. You’ve been given a gift! An amazing gift of life and love and a abilities. Go! Take sit back like I did and let yourself sink deeper and deeper into a place that you don’t want to be. Get up, boot on your boots and go. Jesus went through hell essentially so that you could get up every morning. So that you could experience life and happiness and adventure. Because no matter where you are in life, those things are out there and its up to you to stand up and go find them.

What gives you strength on a daily basis?

I just want to do. I want to do SOMETHING. I think it all goes back to that night in my living room with my dad sitting across from me. He pushed me to stand up and challenged me to live the life i was meant to live, the life that Jesus’ sacrifice allows me to live. 

Why is community important to you?

As I’ve said, I’m a people person. I’m fine for about an hour by myself, and then i just go straight crazy. Without community and fellowship, all that creativity we talked about just goes down the drain! What’s a “brilliant idea” when you have no one to share it with? Community is the way and means to express yourself and fellowship in ways we were meant to. Without it, life would be pretty dang boring. 

What is next for you in this new stage of life?

I'm currently at Harding University studying graphic design and having the time of my life! And I’ve got a few songs coming out in a few weeks that i am extremely excited about. I’ve also got a few surprises up my sleeve that I should be able to reveal in the next couple of weeks as well. All in all, I’m just excited to be a part of as many amazing things as I am. I’m always looking for new oppurtunities and new crazy things to do and new people to meet.