It is Well Project with Griffin Lamb

This month Socality is focusing on the idea of restoration. It is incredible to see a young generation take the matters of the world into their own hands and use their gifts and talents to try and be the answer. Griffin Lamb is an incredible photographer who has chosen to do just that. He has launched a project called, 'It is Well' to help orphans in Kenya. We caught up with Griffin to learn more about this amazing project and how we can all can get involved. We also talk photography and learn more about the keys to grabbing that shot! 

Hey Griffin! Tell us more about yourself.

I am a landscape photographer born and raised just outside of Seattle, WA. When I am not taking photographs though, I am a student at Seattle Pacific University-- majoring in Christian Scriptures (Theology). I love Jesus, and view my gifts as a photographer as a simple and meaningful way to glorify Him. 

What inspired you to get into photography?

It all started with Instagram. I remember in high school, I started following photographers (landscape and nature photographers especially) and was amazed at how they captured such incredible beauty. Naturally, I wanted to do the same thing. So after I graduated high school, I bought a DSLR camera with some of my graduation money, and the rest is history. 

Give us your three top tips for grabbing the perfect shot.

Lighting. Composition. Mood. These are three things that are always on the back of my mind while out shooting. With regard to lighting, shoot early in the morning (sunrise) or in the evening (sunset) to capture the best and softest light. Composition is equally important, and I am not talking about the rule-of-thirds. In my case, I love shots that show the sheer scale of Creation in relation to the tinyness of us humans. In these types of photographs, compositions matters in how far or how close the person is from the lens, as well as the actual framing of the photograph. Experiment with composition, and chances are, you will find a style that fits your eye. And lastly, mood. Maybe it is just because I am from the Pacific Northwest, but I love images that are able to somehow tangibly capture emotion. The key to this (especially in landscape photography) is combining lighting and composition to get the desired "statement" as I call it. Darker images with gloomy clouds and fog in the distance tells a much different story than a colorful sunset with a friend center-frame, taking it all in. 

Tell us more about the "It is Well' project.

I will be headed to Kenya, Zimbabwe, and Morocco with a non-profit called STORYSONG in May-- visiting communities and villages that STORYSONG sponsors-- providing orphans with educations and instilling in these communities a deep love for Jesus, music, and the creative arts. I desired to create a project that helps these same communities, and that is how It Is Well came to be.

A photo book that desires to tell an authentic story of life in Africa and fight poverty & injustice

How will this project impact the lives of those in need?

The money raised will be used by STORYSONG in their efforts to further educate the orphan population in Kenya, Zimbabwe, Morocco, and elsewhere across the globe. Aside from financial impact though, the It Is Well photo book will be telling a story that desperately needs to be told-- and in that attempt to raise awareness, it could start a chain reaction towards positive change. 

How can people get involved and help out?

To get involved, donate to the It Is Well campaign online. There are plenty of perks too that you will receive when you donate. From photo-books, to prints and canvases, to t-shirts, the goal with this campaign is to make contributors feel like they are traveling with us as we go to Africa in May. There are only a few days left to contribute.

To support Griffin and help contribute be sure to check out the Indiegogo campaign at here! We can all be a part of helping out those in need. #socalityrestoreproject.