I had to lose it all to realize I needed Him

by Colby Dotson

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 photo by   @daaassh_

photo by  @daaassh_

So when I first started working, I was about 14 and doing some lawn care for people around my neighborhood.

After years of laborious and intentional work to be successful and making lots of money thinking that would be the key to me being a "man" and "growing up."

But as life went on and I ended up graduating from high school, I went to get a CDL Class A to drive semi trucks, after about a few days into getting that I got a really good job, and started making money, well more then I should being an 18 year old.

Months later I got my first apartment, got out of my parents house, and thought I was ready to be an adult with little to no money management.

I lost it all.

No money, no girlfriend, no job, lost friends, I wanted to change my life after that.

I moved in with my buddy and that didn't work.

The day I signed a new lease for my second apartment. I lost my other job.

I felt so alone. And I was.

But I moved back in with my parents after years and years of telling myself I would never be the one to go back to my parents.

But I did. And my relationship with God is growing stronger because of that.

I had to lose it all to realize I needed Him. 

So he sent me a beautiful girl, one who has stuck by my side and been a strong soul for me. He gave me her to support me, he gave me a new job, he gave me the strength to carry on.

There is definitely SUCCESS IN FAILURE. But think deeper, failure is a lie.

You can't fail at something Our Savior has already WON!