Socality Live | Designed For You

by: Scott Bakken

We are under five weeks away until Socality Live San Diego. Each week until then we are covering themes with articles from our keynote speakers and live Periscope sessions. This will be something you don't want to miss. This weeks Periscope is on Wednesday July 1 at 12:00 MST.

This week we are covering the theme Connection. Socality Live was designed for connection. Here's why it's our heart to have a live event.

Socality Live was birthed from the desire to turn your online relationships into a face-to-face encounter. When we started designing these experiences, there were a few things that were very important to us.

We wanted to create spaces where people could gather and connect and build authentic relationships. Our events differ from a traditional conference in that they are meant for those who attend to experience each other and walk away with a whole new global family. We want people who have been following each other to have a face-to-face encounter. For those who haven’t been following each other, it is a great entry point to connect around common purpose.

We wanted to place to take a journey. The very concept of hosting the events on various cities was to encourage people to travel and allow this experience leading up to the event to part of their story. It is meant to be something that you have to grab your passport, back your bags, raise funds or reach our to your community to help get you to the event. The journey is a s much part of the event as the event itself.

We wanted to host these events in epic places so people could discover the landscape and heartbeat of that city or place.  An adventure consists of stepping into the unknown and when you go outside of your comfort zone, you grow beyond what you thought was possible!

Another important element was for us to host a community excursion. This is something that is unique to Socality. Placing people in a beautiful landscape or surrounding with other attendees is what allows people to capture and share these moments via social media. From the last two events we have hosted (Calgary and Portland) we find it is in these excursions that life long relationships are formed. Conversations and stories are shared and it is always incredible to watch post event new and lasting friendships form and continue.

Ultimately, Socality Live is designed to gather people from all walks of life and connect us eternally. Connect us by our stories, our pain, our passions and our lives. You never know what future opportunities will come out of placing yourself around other creative and the dreams and plans that can be stirred when you connect purpose to other people. We have shared a few stories below from those who attended the last two events.

All we can say is that your experience at Socality Live will be unlike any other.  It will be filled with live keynote sessions, workshops, after parties and a live concert with incredible bands from San Diego. We have a big surprise headliner on Saturday night at The Quartyard and we promise you, you will not be disappointed!

Check out a few stories below from those who attended in the past! We can’t wait to see what happens in your life when you attend!

Socality Portland will be one of those times in my life that I talk about for years to come. I was overwhelmed by the amount of people willing to go out of their way to help others they hardly even knew. People who stood in the rain with us while waiting for cabs, strangers on buses who became life long friends, and countless other amazing connections are just a few reasons why Socality is more than a community, it's family. Can't wait for the next Socality adventure.

-@abell_667Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Socality Live Calgary changed my life through this community. Being able to connect immediately over common ground with new people from all over the world has shown me how we can truly reach other even though miles are in between. The friends made this weekend will be friends for life.

-@RusselLarson, Edmonton, AB, Canada