"Adventure Of A Lifetime"

by: Adaeze Azubuike


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    photo by  @adaezenoelle

 photo by @adaezenoelle

I jumped in a van with friends i'd made on instagram through socality, but had never met in person, & joined up with another vehicle of instagram friends who i'd also never met in person yet... in all there were 10 of us. we had the adventure of a lifetime. the memories made on the roadtrip to canada are definitely special treasures i'll keep forever.

On my favorite day of socality live, we got to explore canada. the particular bus i was on was being driven by a kind man named greg. he took extra time to drive us to a spot where we could see elk, & then to another spot where we could see mountain goats. after we'd returned home from socalitylive, i got an instagram comment from him on one of my pics of his bus, saying he joined insta just so he could see everyone's pics that we'd said we'd hashtag with #gregsbus. it was so humbling to get to impact a bus driver in that way.


Catherine here experienced her first snow while we were at socalitylive. the child-like joy i got to witness as she played in the snow was such a treat. add to it that we met on instagram through socality & didn't meet til we were headin to socalitylive together with a group of a friends, & you can see why this friendship is a fun one. i'm so glad socality has connected me to some of the most wonderful people, like catherine.

love you Socality!!


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