Creating Movement in Culture & Life

by: Scott Bakken

We are under 4 weeks away until Socality Live San Diego! This week we are covering the idea of Create.

We caught up with CJ Casciotta to ask him a few questions about creating movement in culture and in your own life. CJ is a keynote speaker at Socality Live San Diego this month and the author of Sounds Like A Movement. Read the Q&A below.

1. What is this generation placing priority on?

I think this generation is placing a priority on grey. There's a skepticism toward black & white answers to the complexity we've noticed characterizes our world. As our world becomes more immeshed so do our opinions. While this sometimes leads to apathy, I believe it also has the ability to usher in a much-needed era of deep humility and grace.

2. How has the church evolved in the last 5 years?

It's become a bit more underground. More anonymous. More mysterious. The church has congregated through tweets and in bars, on Friday nights instead of Sundays, on the poorest of streets and over long meals between friends and strangers. Holy communion is happening everywhere without a budget, advisory board, or ad campaign.

3. How does the church need to evolve in the next 5 years?

There's a lot of talk about margin and how we need more of it. More margin for our kids. More margin for our neighbors, more margin for God. Instead of echoing this sentiment, the church might present the daring possibility that there are no margins... that our enemies, our families, our God, stay outside the lines of our busy and individualistic life simply because we've drawn it that way. I imagine a church that takes our lined-paper, crumples it up, and instead hands out sketchbooks and crayons, whispering "this is what the kingdom looks like."  As Sister Simone Campbell says, "I know we are one body. I know God hums my existence at every second, and yours, too.”

4. What key elements create a movement?

I'll dive into this more in my talk at Socality Live, but essentially movements begin one small step at a time out of complacency into the future people imagine. They don't wait till they've conquered their fear they, they actually be-friend it.

Also, I've never seen a movement that didn't have a compelling manifesto. Think about The Declaration of Independence, The Theory of Relativity, or "MLK's I Have A Dream".  Great movements know who they are, how their different, and most importantly, why it matters.

5. What are barriers to creativity?

I think the biggest barrier to creativity is entitlement. 

6. Name one thing you do to find inspiration?

Changing my environment. One of the simplest things you can do to get out of a creative funk is to transport yourself somewhere other than where you are. It doesn’t have to be far. It could literally mean taking a walk around the building or neighborhood, going on a short drive to somewhere you’ve never been. It’s been scientifically proven that our brains think differently when we’re in a new environment. Take advantage of this phenomenon and get into the practice of displacing yourself.