"God never once gave up on me" #SocalityStories

by: Lucas Sigurdson

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Looking back now, weeks after Socality Live, I could not begin to explain the impact those four days made on my life. I truly have never felt closer to God than I do right now, and the inspiration I've felt through the people I met that week in San Diego leaves me speechless. I have never felt more "connected." Truly, deeply connected.

I came from a "different" background than many. I came to Socality Live not really knowing the meaning of Socality. Up until that week, I considered it a community on Instagram, based around the idea of bringing individuals together, not based around God's presence in our lives. At first, I was discouraged, disappointed. I'd always struggled to let my faith out of me, always worrying about what others may think. I didn't think I made the right decision in attending the conference, to be honest.

I left the Church five years ago. I didn't feel a connection with God, nor did I see his presence in my life. I rejected my faith. The year after graduating high school in 2012, I went through a difficult time emotionally. I went through a long period of depression, struggling with the idea of "living" any longer. I was ready to give up, but God never once gave up on me. He pulled me through that battle.

While at Socality Live, I felt a rebirth, a change. I experienced something I had never experienced before. I had never seen God's presence in my life, and in the lives around me, so clearly. Those four days were fueled by God's love for each of us, and through that, we were all united as one - a true community of faith. I came to Socality feeling like a distant, lonely guy with little spirituality - I didn't think I belonged. Little did I know, attending Socality Live would end up being the greatest thing I could have ever done for myself. Words couldn't begin to describe how thankful I am; I am truly blessed. Thank you.

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