Socality response regarding account: @socalitybarbie

Hi Everyone,

In recent days, we have received many inquiries due in part to a social media account with the user handle @socalitybarbie. While this account bears the name Socality, we have not given consent for our name to be used, and it is in no way affiliated with Socality. 

Our desire is that those who are learning about our organization for the first time discover that Socality is about inspiring others to use their social influence collectively to showcase genuine love for their community and social impact.  While we can clearly see the account pokes fun of a general aesthetic, the use of our name in this context has created confusion around what our organization stands for, and we felt it important to share what Socality is and where we are headed in order to to ensure clarity when it comes to understanding our mission, values and the intent of the work that has been accomplished by our many volunteers.  The vision of Socality has always been bigger than social media, photography, or any trend or specific aesthetic. At the same time, tools like Instagram and creative expressions like photography have been powerful in helping to connect people with a common purpose.

We believe it’s important to be able to laugh at ourselves every once and a while but, at the same time we don’t want to diminish the impact that we can collectively achieve. At the end of the day, the people connecting through Socality are gathering and connecting for purpose. We set out in the beginning to create a space online for Christians (and non-Christians alike) to connect with others locally and around the world who share a passion for creativity and seeing their communities positively impacted. This began with the creation of the #socality tag, largely based out of the Instagram platform. #Socality has now been used over a million times, and the purpose has always been to help others find each other and establish sincere and meaningful relationships while showcasing the creativity of our community. Our hope is to see people who had been isolated, or disconnected in various ways find new means of connection and purpose. Since its inception in January of 2014, Socality has hosted events and community nights across North America to encourage communities to gather around a common purpose and the goal of bringing impact for good to their surroundings. 

In April of 2015, we were excited that we were able to raise $12,000 via our account which supported building wells for charity: water, providing clean water to 400 people. We’ve had the opportunity to support some amazing charities like The Adventure Project and Free the Children among others. We’ve also had the privilege of working with some wonderful social enterprises like The Giving Keys, Sackcloth & Ashes, and Krochet Kids, while supporting the projects from community members like The Parative Project and Landmine Design, both of which tackle the issue of sex slavery in India and Southeast Asia. You can also read stories by individuals on our website from our Socality Live events (our annual conference to learn first-hand what we are working towards as an organization and community.

For those seeking to share our story or are interested in learning more about the mission and origins behind Socality, please feel free to contact us at We are happy to share with you what we are doing to extend hope to humanity via all our platforms.

Thank you,
Scott Bakken
Founder and Creative Director, Socality