April 2015 | Water Project Roundup

by: Paul Tellefsen

Our March Community Project was focused around the idea of water. Communities all around the world came together to make an impact on the water crisis. 20 events and meetups were held in 4 countries totaling over 1,000 attendees and millions of social media impressions. The amount of awareness raised was incredible. 

Every meet was designed to benefit charity: water. People hosted benefit concerts, art auctions and meetups in their local cities. Together, we raised over $12,000. Which is astounding! Check out the post about that here. 

Check out a few of the stories about the meetups below.

Oklahoma City, OK

Nashville, TN

New Orleans, LA

London, England

Toledo, OH

Cape Town, South Africa

Alexandria, LA

San Diego, CA

Jacksonville, FL

Sacramento, California | Tim Coburn

Our local community rallied around this idea of helping to provide clean water to the some 748 million people around the world. We united a team of myself (@tim_coburn), @dinelianoel & @faithmari to help put together the event, as well as a local business @cityscoutsac and a local church @societychurch as co-hosts.

As we met to discuss possible ideas, our collective enthusiasm was ignited and the purpose for the event was set in our hearts. We were all excited to get behind this Socality event because of the great cause of supporting the work of charity: water.

As the planning and preparation continued things began to snowball into a bit of a movement throughout our city. Local creatives began to jump in to help out. Local Instagrammers, artists and businesses like ShineCaféCity ScoutTemple CoffeeBakers DonutsDeeda Salon, and others got involved and donated to help promote and support the event and the purpose behind it.

The morning of the Instameet the team, donuts, coffee and “swag bags” were in place and people started pouring in! People were so excited to be there, for many of them it was their very first Instameet! In the end our team raised over $2000 for charity: water! We raised funds through selling “Swag Bags”, a pre & post party and the support of Society Church.

Dallas, TX | Paul Tellefsen

In Dallas we hosted a meetup and benefit concert. It was an incredible night of family, creativity and connection.

My friend Elyse Hutchinson (@elysevictoria) sang and blew the roof off the place. My friends at @yourcoffeeexperience delivered hand crafted coffee for the night.  

People might have come not knowing anyone, but everyone left feeling like connected. We laughed, cried and sang together as we raised $500 for charity: water. It was a night to not soon forget!

Alexandria, LA | Justin Posey

Washington, D.C. | Philip Luca

We gathered around 1 pm in Georgetown Waterfront Park. It was the first warm day in weeks, and the sun was coming out. Grabbing my yellow canisters, my camera and tripod I headed toward the meeting place. There were a good number of people and they were wondering what the yellow jerry can meant: perfect opportunity to share about charity: water and the great work they are doing in the world.



We went to a few places around the park, talking to people and taking pictures. The very last one is a scenic overview of the Key Bridge. There were even more people there and we ended up talking with them for a while, sharing about our Instameet and getting to know them.

We finished the meetup by going to a local burger place getting to know our new-found friends. We found that we had a lot in common: a love for photography, for our city, faith and a curiosity to explore our city. All in all, it was a success for our first ever DC Socality instameet. 

Whitefish, MT | Stephanie Reiman

We met in Whitefish, Montana at Red Caboose, a local coffee and yogurt shop. The first to show up was a girl I had only talked to through Instagram because I saw her using the SocalityMT hashtag. We stayed in the coffee shop for about an hour just to hang out, talk, and make sure we weren't leaving anyone behind, then off to Glacier!


It rained... But the fog was gorgeous and we had some fun taking photos and getting to know each other! After we met back in Whitefish and had lunch together. It was so great to have people come together who had never met and wouldn't have otherwise! And Red Caboose sponsored us and donated a percent or their sales from the day to charity: water.


If you have a story to tell about your meetup experience email us and tell us all about it.