Vision 2016: An open letter

Hey Socality Family,

First, let me take a moment to thank each and every person who has journeyed with us since day one. Socality recently celebrated 2 years and it has been very full and incredible to say the least. We have had the ability to host several community days and nights across North America and create gatherings that allow people to connect. We have hosted 3 events (Calgary, Portland and San Diego), which have brought together artists, creatives, makers and leaders all for the purpose of connection and leadership development. We have been able to support great organizations like charity: water, The Giving Keys, Krotchet Kids, World Vision, and Hungerfree just to name a few. We have been faced with challenges that have caused our team to get stronger and through it all, we are truly thankful for every moment. I believe life has an amazing way of shaping us all and making us stronger by everything that comes our way.

So where does this leave us? When we first launched Socality, we had thousands across the globe email and ask how they could get involved! To be honest…we really did not know nor did we foresee the response we received out of the gate. This movement was birthed out of the concept that what we can do together will always be greater than what we can do on our own. I saw social media as a huge window to connect others for purpose and create a collaborative effort for the purposes of the gospel of Christ. The last two years we have learned a lot!! One thing that is important to note is that over the last two years a team has been built to help bring structure towards this organization. It is worth noting with immense gratitude that this team (myself included) has operated on a complete volunteer basis. We have been guided by an interim board that has given us counsel and direction as we seek to be faithful with what has been placed into our hands.

Recently members of our team met in San Diego to put together our strategic plan, discuss our future and map out 2016 and 2017. We had an inspired week filled with great conversations, reviewing our learnings and asking some hard questions. As the week concluded, I am confident and excited to announce that our vision and plan for Socality and its future are strong!! We have an incredible team that is committed to the execution of our plan and we believe that it is in line with our original vision: to connect and create influencers for the gospel!!


Over the next few months, we will be rolling out some exciting concepts and plans. In April we will be announcing the date and location of the next live event, which will be taking place in 2017. This event will be more focused and centered on leaders who are interested in taking their skills and ideas to the next level. It will be tailored to individuals who are seeking to solidify their purpose and develop key relationships and tools for their future.

June will take key Christian leaders from all over the world to our very first Socality Leadership Summit. It will gather some of today’s top innovators and leaders to discuss and develop strategies to see cultural change and communities strengthened by the gospel of Christ. The church being mobilized for the betterment of the community has always been a core value and this summit is another step forward!

In September, we will launch our vision video breaking down very clearly the specific ways for people to get more involved in Socality and a number of exciting and new ways to connect, grow, and participate!

In the next few months, we will be assembling and finalizing our board, which will help us, fulfill our vision and provide oversight, accountability and wisdom as we proceed. This board will be announced and made known once finalized.

Overall, we are excited and very optimistic about the future of the organization of Socality. We are thankful for this vision, our strong team, incredible accountability and support, and our deeply committed and passionate community. We truly believe that Socality is God's idea and a platform He wants to use for the development of leaders and innovators in the body of Christ.

I am glad to present to you our updated mission statement below. Everything we do is to fulfill this mandate and call. I thank you for your continued support of Socality and we could not be more honored to be involved in helping shape and develop this incredible community for global and eternal impact. Please continue to pray for our team as we work towards fulfilling all of these dreams and plans over the next two years.

All For Eternity

Scott Bakken, Socality Founder and Creative Director

Socality Mission Statement

To develop and mobilize cultural changemakers by gathering, educating and resourcing a generation for the advancement and proclamation of the gospel of Christ.