Socality Leadership Summit 2016 | Israel

A little while ago we updated our community about the future and direction of Socality, including the development of a platform we believe will be significant in fulfilling our mission statement as well as involve our community in a more interactive and engaging way. We are excited to announce that the next phase that will lead us many steps closer to this initial launch will be taking place this week! We have lots more exciting announcements coming over the next few months, but this week we are incredibly honoured to be hosting our very first Socality Leadership Summit. This week we’ll be hosting a group of individuals who have a voice and position in today’s marketplace and are helping shape and create culture while bringing impact to local communities. Many have also played an important role in bringing Socality to where it is today, and we’re so privileged to have this amazing group of people with us. This summit will take place in Israel in collaboration with Israel Collective and will include a series of leadership sessions as we share our next steps and work towards the launch of what we see as an exciting new season for Socality!

Over this week, follow along live as we will be sharing blogs each day from our guests as well as sharing this journey with you via social media (Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and Facebook Live). Our guests will be sharing insights about marketplace, culture, and impact as it relates to our current world right from the very places where Jesus walked, taught, and lived.

We can only begin to express our passion and heart for each and every person who is a part of this community, and we have been working strategically over the last few months to prepare for our next steps. We are so thankful for the thousands of individuals, churches, businesses, and social organizations that have connected via Socality, through live events, and existing social platforms. We believe this has just been the beginning, and we are so excited to enter into this next season, this next chapter, and continue to trust that God will lead us each and every step of the way.

Over this week, we would appreciate your prayers as our team and guests gather with purpose for Socality and its future!

All for eternity

Scott Bakken & the Socality Team