Jesus Reached Out


Ryan has been with TOMS for 5 years and currently work as the Employee Experience Specialist cultivating company culture through employee programs and events.

If you look at the life of Jesus it is easy to see story after story where He reached out to the poor and broken hearted. He was able to see something different in them. We can see in Matthew 8 Jesus healing a man with leprosy and in Luke 13 where He heals a crippled woman on the Sabbath. Jesus was drawn to help those who needed help and weren’t ashamed to ask for it.

  @ryanhappygilmore  on the Sea of Galilee, taken by  @jontaylorsweet

@ryanhappygilmore on the Sea of Galilee, taken by @jontaylorsweet

But, as they say, it takes two to tango. There is something in these people that draws them to Jesus. God, in his power, could choose to respond however he wants, but he chooses to come near to us in our weakness. It is this comforting power that God has towards our brokenness that actually allows us to see it more clearly. It is a clarity that can only be seen through vulnerability.

I have experienced the same draw happen in my own life time and time again. It is as if when things are going well it is easy for me to think that “I got this”. But, when I have hit my lowest points and realized my brokenness, I am able to reach out and ask for help because it is all that I have left.

There is worship song called Mercy written by Amanda Cook and Steffany Gretzinger. The chorus says, “You delight in showing mercy, And mercy triumphs over judgment.” I am overwhelmed with what these words mean when I sing this song. The comforting power God holds is His Mercy! And, this is what Jesus held. It is the magnet that attracts people and continues to attract people like myself. How amazing is that? We have a God who actually delights in showing us a mercy that surpasses any judgement!

We as humans whether we are leaders, friends, family can be so quick to judge, throw stones, and point out the weakness in others. But, Jesus wasn’t worried about doing that for those who were vulnerable enough to accept their weakness and their needs.

When we are broken hearted or weak all we need to do is come to Jesus and through our vulnerability His Mercy is able to transform our lives.

 Photo taken by  @jonathanzoeteman

Photo taken by @jonathanzoeteman