It all starts with community | Socality Vancouver

by: Scott Bakken

Is it just us or have people been abandoning community? Years ago when social apps like Instagram first launched there were meet ups and gatherings happening all the time. As people have grown on social, community has disappeared as many have pursued opportunities. Yet, through Socality we have stayed true to our roots. We are committed more than every to turn your online social experience into face to face encounters. There is something special when people gather, have real conversations without any other intention but to build friendships. Naturally there are great bi-products such as collaborations, business opportunities or even the start of new projects when people dream together. All of this starts with community.

Our Socality Vancouver Community day brought together over 200 people from BC, Washington, Oregon, Arizona, Ohio, Alberta, California and beyond.

Our friends at Sackcloth and Ashes helped make the day possible and we were able to buy food and coffee for everyone to enjoy before we hiked up to Gold Pond Falls at Golden Ears National Park. Sackcloth and Ashes create beautiful blankets that when one is purchased they give another to your local homeless shelter. They have been very supportive of our community and we encourage you to check them out!

Tentree challenged us all to clean up the park as we hiked. Gathering in the outdoors is one of our favourite things and so we were glad to use our gathering as an opportunity to keep our parks clean for others to enjoy. 

Overall, we had an awesome time gathering before we all hit ot out for food after. 

Socality is continuing to expand its community through our community days and you can expect to see many more in 2018. Stay up to date by signing up for our email list and join your local FB group now. 

Check out a few stories and images from Socality Vancouver.

Photos by: @zmelhus @shortstache @scottcbakken & @adventureconwards

3 new friends, 20 hour road trip, 8 hour detour, 2 broken brakes, one dead headlight, one sleepless drive through the night and all the adventure and beauty a guy could ask for? Yeah Socality Vancouver was worth it!

Still trying to catch up on all the new friends and collaborations waiting to happen from the over 150 creatives (from all over the world) that showed up to adventure together through the Vancouver rainforest to a majestic misty waterfall in Golden ears national park.My gas tank is empty but my heart is full!

Thanks for another unforgettable event @socality
— -Jay McDonald
Last Saturday, 200 people — 200 strangers — gathered in Golden Ears Provincial Park outside of Vancouver. On a crisp October afternoon, we traipsed along the forest trail toward Gold Creek Falls. But when we arrived at the end of the path we realized that the beauty of the falls, with mist glinting in the sunlight like fairy dust, wasn’t our destination. We were so busy making conversation with each other, forming new bonds and having a blast from a creative standpoint — crafting stories through words, images, and video, that our surroundings (beautiful though they were) were almost irrelevant. The photos you’ll see, the words you’ll read, the videos you’ll watch from our meet-up aren’t focused on the tall graceful trees or the rushing river set in a valley awash with warm autumn colors. They’re centered on the people who came out from Alberta, Arizona, Australia, and beyond, and said hello to one another, with a nod and a smile, sparking friendships in the parking lot. This is what Socality is all about. Connectivity. Connection. Us.
— Lauren Rene Hyde